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• Biography •

I am an autodidactic verbal and visual artist whose work has sold in the US and Internationally. If you wish to contact me, please do so by clicking on the following email link

I work in various media, including, but not limited to the following art forms


:: Jewelry Made From Crematory Remains ::

Some people think it is macabre to own or wear this sort of jewelry. I don't subscribe to this train of thought. I think it is beautiful to love someone or something so much that you want to carry a part of them with you forever. Not everyone is capable of that kind of devotion. I am happy when someone who is finds me. You can see my work at www.AshesThouArt.com

:: Sculpture ::

I work with many different types media to create sculptures. Much of my work is based on Mythology and Legends. Other works are based on personal experience and traumatic events. I believe that the darker places which life may take us to are destinations we needed to go to in order to become the person we are supposed to be. I don't discount any experience in life, because i believe everything happens for a reason.


:: Pottery/Ceramic Sculpture ::

For me, pottery is about shape, form, substance and texture. I prefer to create unique items which are not only functional, but have visual interest as well.


:: Black and White/Colour Photography ::

I prefer to use stark lighting whenever possible, to reflect the harsh reality of life. My images are often bleached, toned and hand coloured, to increase their contrast and drama. I also combine media, such as painting on one or more layers of glass, with an image sandwiched between, and then re-photograph the entire project. My work has appeared in various galleries, 'zines, and CD's, although the latter is my true love.

:: Painting ::

I work with both oil, and water based media. I also employ mixed media techniques, and use a method known as 'papier collé', which combines other media within the painting, creating more depth, texture, and a more interesting overall composition.

One of my favorite painting techniques is working with Encaustics. This is a process where molten wax and oil pigment are combined, and painted upon a substrate such as reinforced canvas or wood panel. This is a painstaking process in which layers upon layers of encaustic and pigment are melted and fused into one another. This process is considered archival, because the fused wax seals off oxygen, thus preventing air from coming in contact with what is between the layers. The resulting painting is one of a most original beauty, lustre and durability which is unlike any other painting media i have experienced.


:: Spoken word, Poetry and Performance Art ::

I have a love/hate relationship with words, and so, i am not afraid to abuse them. I am, what i refer to as, an "impressionistic poet", meaning that i write a piece by inspiration of the moment, and never revise or redo my writings, as i feel that the piece would lose the essence of what i was trying to capture, at the time of its creation. I do not write "pretty" poetry. My words often seem crude and uncaring, but if one reads between the lines, they will [hopefully] understand the true sentiment that i was trying to convey.

:: Polatype Image/Emulsion Transfers ::

This is a precarious and rather expensive process, where single and multiple slide exposures are recorded on film, and then transferred to other surfaces, for a painterly effect. These are truly one of a kind images, and the results are quite often striking and hauntingly beautiful.

:: Artist Journal Making and Keeping ::

I create my own books and journals, and write, draw, paint and do whatever else i want in them. I really love this art form, because it is so loose and unstructured, and it is a great way to grow as an artist.

:: Mask-making and Casting ::

I first create a mold and/or cast as a face/body template from real or inanimate objects. I then create both molded and cast 3-D masks from plaster, clay, papier mache and other materials. I am presently working on a series of Death Masques and would love to see a revival in this particular genre of sculpture.

:: Monotypes ::

This printmaking process involves painting on a printing plate, and then transferring the image to a receptive surface such as paper. This produces a one of a kind image, which is fairly impossible to be exactly duplicated again.

:: Xerographic Lithography ::

This is another one-of-a-kind printmaking process which involves first creating a Xerography plate, inking the plate with oil based media, burnishing on an etching press, and pulling a print from the inked and burnished plate.

:: Relief Printmaking ::

This printmaking technique includes hand carving and etching on acceptable media, then inking the plate with oil or water based inks. The resulting print is then pulled from the plate after being burnished on an etching press. This printmaking process includes Linocuts, Woodcuts and Block Prints.

:: Thermal Transfer Process ::

This is a technique where images are developed and processed onto standard media. The images are then applied and transferred, using heat, to fiber, wood, metal and other receptive surfaces.

:: One of a Kind Furniture Reconstruction ::

During the past year i have tried my hand at reconstructing furniture. I sand and finish each piece as needed, adding fabric, embellishments and original artwork to create a unique, one of a kind item.

:: Film ::

I tend to make short films, as i like the idea of quick resolution. My films are often based on the many strange dreams that i have had, as well as various thoughts which have gone through my head as i daydream. I use both Super 8/16mm film, as well as video. I prefer the look of film, but i tend to work more with video these days, as the cost of financing a film can be astronomical.

:: Music ::

Although i attended music school for a brief period of time, most of what i do in this area, consists of soundtrack type pieces, for the films that i make. I enjoy sounds, more than actual music, and i create symphonies out of the noise around me.

:: Web, CD, and Book Cover Design ::

I am available for work on CD design, website design, book cover design, zine imagery, and general commission, and my contact information is listed [ here ]. Please [click here] to see a current list of the projects i am involved with.

:: Tragic Fashion Design ::

I love costume, and period pieces, as well as futuristic-industrial and fantasy fashions. I am working on a gown, which is made entirely of barbed wire, although i have not quite figured out the logistics of that particular piece. I once created a shoulder cape, made from cascading tree branches, and wore this over a gown, with a train of ivy leaves, and matching ivy, trailing from my dreadlocks.

:: T-Shirt/Messenger Bag/One of a Kind Clothing Design ::

I make Tank Tops, Hoodies, Baby Doll and Adult sized T-Shirts, as well as Messenger Bags with my original artwork on them, as well as One of a Kind DIY Reconstructed Clothing. These items can be purchased by clicking [ h e r e ] to get to the "Merchandise" section of this website.

:: Art Prints ::

I also sell Canvas Panel Prints, Iris-Giclée Prints, Fibre Prints, Metallic Prints, Rice Paper Prints, and Greeting Cards, with my artwork on them. You can find out more about these items, by clicking [ h e r e ] to get to the "Merchandise" page.


I am currently working on a Multi-Media book of my Images, Poetry, Film and other Objects d' Art. For updates on how this project is progressing please [ click here ] and follow the link to my online blog.

I am available for work on CD design, website design, book cover design, zine imagery, and general commission, and my contact information is listed [ here ].

For update information regarding this site, please click [ here ] and follow the links to "annunciation".

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Throughout this site, you will be able to right click anywhere, and get popup messages with random thoughts, quotes, and ideas that come from various writings of mine, or which were conceived while making this site.


Artist's Statement

I am insignificant. I am substantial. I am soldered with laughter and tears. I am Xerox opposed. A small, peculiar refugee on a journey copious and delphic. Ever mindful of the monsters along the way. I tuck them tightly in my hands so they will remember my imprint upon their skin.

My images, and subject matter are not typically "pretty", and they are often disturbing. I like to think that my work will cause some sort of fluctuation in the attitude of the viewer, and this adjustment does not happen when things are too soundly anchored in the acceptable. In order for change to occur, the perception of the viewer must be moved around, altered or otherwise 'disturbed'.

My work centers mostly around myths and legends from ancient civilizations and other cultures. These myths and legends are important to us as a society because it gives us a glimpse into the evolution or devolution of humanity, as it may be. But i also weave my own life experience into each work, so these pieces are both historical and autobiographical... classical yet personal. It isn't unusual for me to take a month or two to complete a work. This time-line is from conception to completion. I spend a lot of time thinking about the piece before i actually start it. And i also spend a lot of time studying each piece as it progresses, and weaving into it the stories that the piece speaks to me about.

Someone once asked me what i hoped to achieve with my art. My answer was "i want to make the stones cry". I have often felt that the world is filled with emotionally dead people. Not all of this is their fault. A lot of it is social [un]conditioning and there are so many pressing issues of daily life which sap us of our creative thoughts and spirit; and this is why many people become almost zombie-like in their reactions to emotional subjects and appear to not respond well to them. My purpose as an artist is to make them feel something…anything….as long as it provokes an emotional response. They don’t even have to understand the message in my work or understand why a particular work affects them. As long as it makes them feel something, even if for a brief moment, my mission as an artist has been completed.

Despite the medium, my work centers around three basic themes of dichotomous opposites:


we cannot have one, without the other.


I would like to close with a quote by fellow artist, Julian Schnabel. I feel that this quote sums up my experience with art and life, much better than i could ever hope to do via the written word.

There was a little prince with a magic crown.

An evil warlock kidnapped him, locked him in a cell in a huge tower and took away his voice.

There was a window with bars.

The prince kept smashing his head against the bars hoping that someone would hear the sound and find him.

The crown made the most beautiful sound that anyone ever heard. You could hear the ringing for miles and miles.

It was so beautiful that people wanted to grab the air.

They never found the prince.

He never got out of the cell.

But the sound he made filled everything up with beauty.

- X 2002

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