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[Anthroid.Net/Artist X™]

This blog is a replacement for the newsletter board which i update far too infrequently. Will an interactive format force me to become more chatty and involved? Will anyone discover this blog, thus allowing me to interact? We shall see.

Here you will find update announcements for Anthroid.Net, and general, uncensored madness from me, Artist X.

Feel free to stop by and leave a comment, quip or your predictory Powerball number picks!

Your posts will be an incentive for me to administer yet more locution. So, what i am saying is that if you don't post then i won't post and it will all be your fault!

Registered members only, please. If i am not afraid to bare my soul, then you shouldn't be either.

Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list in the section below, so you can be alerted when this blog is updated. My feckless past dictates that i will never remember to tell you on my own.

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