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"Mercurial Thing:The Art, Poetry and Musing of The Artist X" is now available on CD ROM. This CD is compatible with either PC or Mac platforms, and utilizes a Macromedia Flash Presentation.

This multi-media book contains nearly 300 Colour and Black and White artwork images [many of which have never before been displayed on Anthroid.net], over 70 Poetry and Spoken Word pieces, two Short Films, and Original Music by Aarktica, Aaron Spectre, Annodalleb, Epsilon_Zero, J.P Bates, Prophei and X.

Disc and content ©X 2003. Whole or parts of book cannot be copied, printed, distributed, publicly shown, performed, or otherwise used or reproduced, without my written and notarized permission. Please keep this in mind when ordering your book, as there is a Copy Protection Code on each CD ROM, which will prevent mulitple discs from being reproduced from a single copy.

Price: $30.00 plus shipping

Please [click here] for ordering information


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