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I am available for commission on artwork for books, cd's and other fine art endeavors . If you would like to purchase any of my artwork or inquire about my services, please feel free to contact me by clicking on the link below


I am also always willing to converse with and meet new people, but due to the high volume of e-mail that i receive, i would like to make note of ways that you can insure that your mail actually gets read and replied to. I am generally not a bitch... unless you push my bitch button :)

1] I appreciate a clearly defined subject line. Whether it be.. [interested in purchasing Anthroid.net artwork] ..or.. [comments re: Anthroid.net] ..or .. [bitching re: Anthroid.net]. The idea here is to let me know that you are writing to me about something that concerns myself or this site.

2] I don't appreciate emails without subject lines, or those with vague subjects such as. [ hey baby ] ... those get deleted immediately, as does anything with an attachment.

3] I also do not appreciate email from people who speak in ebonics, or #TyPeLiKeThIs%. I do not have anything against other cultures, or variations on a language, but i do not wish to read something that is going to provoke a seizure, due to illegible or cryptic text. In my world, 'sup' is an abbreviation for the dinner meal, and 'peeps' are those marshmallow confections that children get in their Easter baskets.

4] Please DO NOT contact me if you can only communicate in a series of phrases such as ' you are so fucking hot ' , and - or any other similar word usage... i do not like summer, and the word ' hot ' holds negative connotations for me.

5] Please DO contact me, if you have something interesting, thought provoking, weird or just plain silly to say. I always enjoy sharing, and even debating opinions, if they are presented in an intelligent and rational manner.


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