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• Dreams 2 •


~ 10 march, 2002

I was in a hotel, with my old friend Jason, who was visiting me from California. In reality, when we were friends, we were both attracted to one another, but he was married, and, we decided that it might be a better idea if we didn't hang around one another, as something might happen to destroy his marriage.

In the dream, we were being bothered by the chambermaids, who kept trying to come in the room, to clean it, and we had to keep telling them to go away.

Then, i couldn't find Jason, and the manager and maids burst in the room, telling me that he had died of AIDS, and that the room had to be "disinfected".

They started going through his things, and stealing his money, but wouldn't take anything else, because it was "tainted". I then realized that Jason was sitting on the bed, and i got mad because they had lied to me, and yet, they didn't seem to be able to see him, and kept insisting that he was dead.

He then told me that he had to leave, and he started to levitate towards the ceiling, and a large hole opened up, and he drifted away. I became very saddened by this, and i was crying, and the hotel people were being very mean and rude to me, accusing me of bringing someone to the hotel, that was dangerous to have around, and who might have infected the other guests. I got upset by this, because of their ignorance, and i left the room, and suddenly, i was on an old road, deciding which direction i should go in, and feeling quite alone.

An old bum came up to me, and started talking to me, and he told me that he was sorry that he had left me like that. I didn't know what he meant, and then, i realized that it was Jason, and i started to cry, because i was sad and confused as to why he had gotten so old, and i hadn't. He told me that he had missed me for all these years, and then, he disappeared again, and i was once again alone.




~ 8 march, 2002

I was in an auditorium, watching a film festival, and the place was packed. i had to sit in the front, and for some reason, i was worried about not being able to exit quickly, in case of an emergency. There were 3 people in my row, who didn't seem to understand experimental/symbolic films, and they kept making fun of the films, and everyone at the festival. Some of their equipment got damaged, and they began to blame me for doing it, and started threatening me.

One of my ex's showed up, and sat with me, telling me how there was a killer in the audience, who was lopping off people's heads with a machete.

Suddenly, the entire dream shifted back in time about 100 years. We were in the same situation, but everyone had on different clothing and hairstyles, except myself, who looked like i do in this present era.

My ex, who, in reality, didn't treat me very well in our relationship, was still there with me, and he was very attentive and attached to me, which surprised me. He was trying to get me out of the auditorium, before the killer could get to me.

The dream then shifted again, to one with more supernatural elements. The killer now possessed the ability to transform himself into other people, thus making it hard to know who, or where he was, or when he would strike again. First he was the son of a King, and then, a servant girl, and next, a Courtesan.

My ex and i finally made it out of the theater, but i became worried about the other people that were inside, and i went back in to help them.

When i returned, the entire audience was sitting very still, and there wasn't any sound or movement in the entire building. I started tapping people, to see if they were ok, but when i tapped them, their heads fell off their shoulders. The killer had apparently beheaded them all, and then placed their heads back on their bodies.



~ 5 march 2002

i was homeless, and staying in a fleabag hotel, while i waited to find a new place to live.... i hated being there, because the bedspread was so gross, and had stains on it, and i slept on the floor instead

the room was crammed with all my stuff, and i couldn't maneuver too well, and i felt very claustrophobic

i then found out that i might be getting a new place, and i was happy, but when i tried to find people who would help me to move all my stuff, the only people that would help me were all these little children who were too small to carry things, and didn't have a van to move the items, so i started freaking out, and i began to walk around the hotel, asking anyone that i saw if they would help, but the only person that i saw was an old woman with one leg, who was using one of those silver walkers, and she said "Very soon, Humani, new blood and small cabbages for all" to me, as i passed..... i had no clue what she meant, and so i went back to my room ['Humani' is a Latin base of the word 'Human', but in the dream, i was not aware of the meaning of this word]

then, the hotel manager, [who was the guy that was the hotel clerk in the film "Memento"] knocked on my door, and told me that they were serving braised liver in the lobby [oh joy], and then he asked me if i was aware that my mother was also living in this hotel..... in room 212..... i was surprised to hear this, and i went to her room, and knocked on the door, and there was no answer, but the door was slightly open, and so i walked in, and could smell something really gross, and, when i looked on the bed, my mother was lying there dead, and decomposing


~ 1 February 2002


i am in a church meeting hall, helping to serve dinners to the poor. i am approached by an older man and woman, who ask me if i believe that gay people go to hell when they die. i tell them no, and the woman looks at me and says "you are truly good", and then suddenly, she turns into a man, and the man turns into a women, and they recount to me a beautiful story of how they met and fell in love. the story was so wonderful, that it made me cry, but then she tells me that they have to turn back to their previous selves, because no one else could understand.

later that night, we are out having dinner, and i sit between them, feeling a part of this beautifully sad secret that we share.

suddenly, my mother shows up, and hands me a briefcase with $2,212.00 in it, and tells me that i must hide it for her, but does not explain why. she then begins to act very strange and speaking in non sequitur phrases, and this embarrasses me.

i go into the kitchen to help the cook, and i accidentally break the lid of an old crockery jar, and i am afraid that the cook will be angry at me, but instead, he takes the jar lid, and places it in some machine, and when he opens the door of the machine, the lid has turned into a steel door oven, and he remarks that he has always wanted one of those.

i then get the idea to put my mother in that machine, hoping that this will heal her madness, and make her better, but when we open the door of the machine, there is nothing in there but a pile of ashes, and a black ribbon with the word "immunity" printed on it, in purple lettering



~13 january 2002

I am in a mansion, with Seth Green [don't ask], and we are searching for my lost shoes. We keep finding one of the shoes, but the other shoe does not match, or is not the same size that i wear. [in reality, i never wear shoes, but rather, boots, but i do not find this odd in the context of the dream]

Seth goes outside, and i watch him from the picture window in the dining room, and he stands with his arms outstretched, and his head looking upwards at the sky. Small doll like creatures levitate above him, and slowly lower down. I go outside and do the same as Seth is doing, but i suddenly realize that i have seen a horror movie where this has happened before, and the dolls in the film have angelic faces that change into demons, just before they bite off your face. I become frightened, but it is too late for me to turn back. The angel dolls lower to our faces, and kiss us once on the forehead, before slowly rising back up again.


~ 9 january 2002

i was shopping at a local grocery store, when they suddenly needed an emergency cashier to cover for someone.

an elderly man, who was hooked up to some respiratory life support machine, came in to shop, and i felt bad for him, because he looked like he was having a hard time shopping, and so, i left my post to help him shop

upon closer inspection, i discovered that this store was VERY odd. it had an entire aisle of nothing but moldy oranges, and the old man kept sorting through them, trying to find the best one

there was an overweight woman in the store, wearing a loudly patterned dress, and standing in the frozen food aisle, singing a song that had just one verse..... "Meat is the source of impossible desire", and i found this to be quite surreal

i continued helping this man shop. he decided upon moldy oranges, milk, brazil nuts, and crushed up ice cream cones, the latter, i found to be most odd, considering that the cost of the cones was $76.24, for one pound, and he seemed to think nothing of it

i went back to the register, and checked out his order, and when i pressed for the total, i discovered that there was no money in the drawer for me to make change, so i had to go to the office to get a new drawer, but before i left, the old man told me that i had to hook up his life support system to the register. i was a bit confused by all this, but i did as he asked.

when i returned, i made change for him, and then unhooked his support system from the register, but when i did, i must have done something wrong, because he started to gasp for air, and it freaked me out, but then he seemed ok, and left the market

when i was done with my shift, i left the store, and found a crowd gathered in the parking lot. i got to the center of the crowd, and the old man was lying dead on the groud, still clutching his bag of moldy oranges, nuts, milk, and crushed up ice cream cones



~ 4 january 2002

i am in a restaurant [perhaps TGI Fridays, which is odd, because i never go there], with some friends, and one of them is showcasing a new film that he has made.

i am quite surprised, when the film consists of images of him jerking off, into the camera, and i think it inappropriate for him to be showing this sort of thing, in a public place

to the right of our table, is a group of redneck types, and one of them is watching the film, and looking like he is getting upset

he whispers something to his friend, and then comes around to the head of the table, where my friend who was showing the film, was sitting

he stands there, not saying anything, and then suddenly pulls a huge screwdriver out of his jacket, and stabs my friend to death with it, while we all sit there, too much in shock to do anything

there was so much blood, and no one in the restaurant did anything to help my friend

the redneck turns to me, and starts to come at me with the screwdriver, but i wake up before he can get me


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