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• Dreams 4 •

~ 10 may 2003

i am in a hospital, visiting my mother. i go to the cafeteria to get some coffee, and when i come back, my mother is gone, and the bed is made up like she was never there.

i go to the nurse's station to ask what happened, but the nurse is unresponsive, and when i demand an answer, she shouts out at me, "can't you see that my pen just broke, and i have ink all over me?!!!!"

i then begin to walk through the hospital seeking help, but no one seems to care that my mother is missing. i go from room to room, and hallway to hallway, and notice that all the patients are dead, and each one is holding a frightened kitten.

i try to rescue the kittens, but soon i cannot hold any more of them, and i start to drop some of them, and each one shatters like glass as they hit the floor.

i wander out into the parking lot, and notice that all the houses in the neighborhood are upside down.

i see a homeless man, standing in the lot, and he approaches me, and tells me that "everyone in the world walks on their hands now, because feet are basically useless"



~22 March 2003

i was walking down a street that i have never before been down in real life, but is familiar to me in recurring dreams

there is a record store with red awnings on the corner, and a club called "Lupi" next to it

on the opposite corner, there is always a yard sale, that has lots of cool antiques, which are grossly overpriced, and always a box of free items, from which i take things of interest to me that i find in there... in this particular dream, i snag two miniature, antique, wooden artist's mannequins, and a pin with a black feather attached to it

i then walk to the next corner, where there is a new age store which sells various stones, amulets, books, and the like.... when i enter the store, i am always looking for the same tarot deck, which they never carry in stock, and in reality, i have never heard of this particular deck

i browse through the store, as i always do in this dream, and normally leave without purchasing anything, and the dream usually ends here

this particular dream continues, and i notice that there is a machine in the store, which one places the tip of their index finger on a button, and the machine spits out a card, with an answer, but no question.... i am confused by this, and by the fact that my card says only "her wedding will never happen now".... i am not sure who this person is that the card is referring to, but i think to myself that he must have been a jerk, and it is a good thing that she did not marry him

i turn to leave the store, and am accosted by a card reader who works in the store... i get a bad vibe from this woman, and politely try to decline her offer for a reading, saying that i have no money, but, she takes my hands, and pulls me into her booth, telling me that she has "special prices for people like me", and i do not like the sound of this... she then pulls the curtains on the tiny booth, closed, and i start to feel really warm, uncomfortable and claustrophobic... and then, i wake up


~ 23 January 2003

i was visiting a friend, who i will call "Z", and for some reason, he now owned the house that i lived in when i went to high school. there was a snowstorm raging outside, and people kept coming to the door, asking Z if he wanted to hire them to shovel the walk and driveway. i suddenly remembered that i had a garden in the backyard, and i went out to make sure that the tomatoes that were growing there were
ok. of course, they were covered in snow, and frozen, and i was upset by this. i then went back into the house, and there was a horse in the living room, and i asked Z where it came from, and he said that one of the guys who wanted to shovel the walk gave it to him, but i was worried that it would die because we didn't have anything to feed it

then, Z's ex girlfriend came over the house, and she was one of those psycho ex's that can't let go, and haunts the guy who broke up with her, as much as possible. she came in the house and immediately started yelling at him, and asking what i was doing there. then she started to threaten me, and say that she knew that we were sleeping together, and that if she caught us, she would kill him and set me on fire

i was kind of weirded out by that, especially because we hadn't slept together, but then forgot about what she said, as soon as she left the house.

later that night, we had a fire going in the fireplace, and i was laying on the floor reading Tarot Cards, and he came up behind me and started rubbing my back and ass, and i got really turned on, and the next thing that you know, we were full on fucking, and it was great! then, the Psycho Ex bursts in the house, and started screaming and saying "I KNEW IT!!!!", and i tried to deny it, but the funny thing was that his penis was still in me while i was
denying it, but for some reason, she didn't seem to notice that

then, i realized that she was the type to go through the trash, looking for "evidence", so i ran in the bathroom, and got a used condom out of the trash, and was trying to hide it so that she wouldn't find out.

suddenly, i was in an all you can eat salad bar, and [this is soooooooooooo gross!], i hid the used condom underneath a pile of lettuce LOL

i think that there was more to this dream, but that is all i can remember..... which is probably for the best


~2 january 2003

i was lost in a city at night, and trying to get home..... i was wearing a white, Victorian nightgown [which is funny because i never wear anything to bed in real life], and i saw a cab parked on the side of the road, so i went and asked the driver if he would take me home, and he said yes.

i got in the cab, and as soon as i did, the "driver" slapped this metal bar over my chest, and pinned me in the car... i then heard knocking and screaming from inside the trunk, and realized that it was the real taxi driver, who had apparently been put in the trunk by this crazy person, posing as the driver

he then, gets on the highway, and starts driving like a maniac, and i kept begging him to go slower, but he would only go faster each time i asked him to slow down


~15 october 2002

I was in a clinic, with a friend of mine, and i was waiting to see a doctor. This clinic was very strange, and it creeped me out just to be there. it was very dirty, and was run by a staff of incompetents, and there were too many people who were waiting to see the same doctor. I kept noticing this girl, who was blonde with one long braid going down her back, and she had on a red sweater, with some writing on it that i cannot now recall. She was walking around the clinic, in an almost semi-catatonic state, and there was a nurse who was following her, and telling her that her "lungs were bleeding, and she needed to be admitted immediately". The girl kept stopping when she walked by me, and she would just look at me, with a blank stare, and yet, it was as if she were somehow aware of me.

There was another girl who was in the clinic, and she had no eyes. she seemed to be some sort of psychic, and was telling people things about themselves, and others. There was a little girl who was a patient there, and she was crying because she had lost her doll, and the eyeless woman said that it would "be up front, inside one of the free boxes of cookies that the clinic is giving out." She came up to me, and held my hand, and said "the man with the mayonnaise on his face will know you, but you will not recognize him", and i wasn't sure what to say back to her.

I then became aware that there was a large conveyor belt, which some patients were standing on, and being drawn into a tunnel, and i looked inside, and the tunnel got black after a few feet, and i could not see where the people were going. Then, the girl with the red sweater walked by, and the nurse again said to her "your lungs are bleeding, and you need to be admitted immediately". The girl then got on the conveyor belt, and looked straight ahead, and i went to the beginning of the belt to watch her, and she turned to stare at me with that blank, yet knowing stare, and then, disappeared into the darkness of the tunnel.

I then realized that my friend was not with me, and i asked someone where he was, and they said that he was outside, trying to help the little girl find her doll, that was in the boxes of cookies. I went outside and there were several flights of stairs, and i could see him at the top, and he was talking to a creepy looking guy, and i was worried about him. I started to climb the stairs, and someone pulled on the hem of my skirt, and i looked down, and there was this strange homeless looking man with a beard, who had on an orange veil which was made out of Vexar [the material that citrus fruits, and onions are often packaged in], and he had something oily on his face. He said "i recognize you", but i didn't know who he was, so i got freaked out and started to climb the stairs again, to look for my friend, but when i got to the top of them, he was gone. I ran around the corner, and saw him walking down another large flight of stairs, which led into a dark wood, and i called to him, but he did not hear me. I then realized that i would have to walk home alone. suddenly, my cat [who was a kitten in the dream], came out of nowhere, and she started to run down the stairs after my friend, and i held onto her because i was afraid that she would get lost in the woods, and when i looked at her tail, i saw that something had chewed it almost completely off. I continued holding her, and then walked down the stairs, and just as i got to the darkness of the forest, i woke up.


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