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• Dreams 5 •


[ 13 . october . 2003 ]

I was hired as a nanny, which struck me as odd, because, when i arrived at the house, i realized the my charges were a boy of about 10, a girl of 17, and another boy of 21. I wondered why the girl and older boy couldn't care for the younger boy, and i became suspicious.

The family was obviously well off, and had a huge home. The father of the household, who was the one who hired me for the position, seemed rather lecherous, and gave me the creeps. The mother was a strange woman, who was a Quadriplegic, and seemed totally detached from everyone around her. She spent most of her time in a specially designed bathroom for the handicapped.

Upon my arrival, it was announced that a large party was about to ensue. I was suddenly at the door, greeting a number of guests, who were arriving for the celebration. I became claustrophobic, and, at the same time, extremely bored.

I was then sitting on a couch, when another group of guests arrived. One of these people had a Pekingese dog with them, and i reached out my hand to pet it, and the skin on its face retracted to reveal a face made entirely of large teeth, and he bit into my knee, which seemed only to amuse the owner, and several others who were in the vicinity.

I began to wander around the house, seeking a quieter place. I came upon another kitchen that i had not noticed before, and the 21 year old boy was sitting at the table, and i sat down to join him. It was then that i realized that he looked and sounded exactly like David Arquette, but with longer hair, and a younger face. He was very cool to talk to, and we were having a nice conversation, when he suddenly disappeared.

I went back to the party, and it was announced that the 21 year old boy had just died, and everyone started laughing, and said "Again?!.... he is ALWAYS doing that!", and then they went back to talking, and didn't seem concerned about this.

I became upset by their nonchalance, and started to look for the boy, who was strangely enough, laid out on a couch, with people sitting on him, and spilling their drinks and chips all over him. This really made me mad, and i started reprimanding people, when, all of a sudden, the boy sat up and told me that he "often dies for an hour or so", but always comes back, because the "Big Death" was not yet upon him. We then continued our conversation, as if no lapse had ever occurred.

I was then sitting on another couch, surrounded by all the party guests except the boy. I noticed a very serious looking black woman who was sitting across from me. There was something spectral about this woman, and she didn't look like she belonged at this party and i was fascinated by her.

She then came to stand in front of me, and her eyes rolled back in her head, and she said "Monad, Dyad, Triad, Tetrad. Spirit always becomes Flesh". I was totally weirded out by this, but no one else even seemed to notice.

I then went to look for the boy, to tell him about this experience, but i could not find him. I saw his sister, and asked her where he was, and she casually answered that the "Big Death had finally claimed him". She then went on to tell me that she would be spending the weekend at a friends' house, to celebrate a graduation.

I was confused by her ambivalence towards the situation, and went to find the mother, who was now sitting at the kitchen table, with her back to me. I noticed that she was no longer a Quadriplegic in a wheel chair. I tapped her on the shoulder, and asked her what happened, but she did not answer me. Instead, she handed me a note that was written to me, by the boy, and it said "Tell the Indian girl that i will miss her, and that someday, there will be flowers".


[ 6 . october . 2003 ]

I was cleaning someone's house, and was annoyed that there were so many people occupying the dwelling, and they were getting in my way. I noticed that there were large rolls of dust everywhere, that looked like dryer lint sheets, which were curled up at each corner. There was a bay window, with a curtain. When i swept the curtain aside, there was a gigantic dust roll behind it. I suddenly realized that the dust was actually a living organism, which carried a fatal disease.

I called the Health Department, who investigated the incident, and everyone that was in the house, was quarantined to a large garage, where we each had to sleep in a row of cars, about 10 wide, and
5 deep. I saw Roger, who was a guy that i used to know, who headed the local Anarchist Front in my city, and i was happy to see him, because i had not seen him in years. Suddenly, Roger and i were browsing in a record store, and then went out for coffee. I asked him when his birthday was, and he said "Monday", and i said "Oh, you are a Libra". Then i was suddenly back in the garage, and Roger was nowhere to be found.

I noticed that one of the cars contained a couple in their 50's, with a small child of about 10 years old, in the back seat. I then realized that the couples' eyes were bulged out of their heads, and bloodshot, and someone told me that it was due to exposure to the toxic dust. The little girl was dead, and people kept insisting that she was Todd Solondz [the director], and i refuted the fact, but they kept on insisting.

I then realized that there were other people with bulged out eyes, and this freaked me out, because i was afraid that i would be next. A detective came in to the garage, and told me that the only way that i could escape the virus, was to eat the bulged out eyes of everyone in the garage.


[ 21 . september . 2003 ]

In this dream, i awoke to find my neighbor laying on top of me, face up, as if i were a bed, and his girlfriend laying on top of him, in the same manner. I was a bit upset as to how they got in my apartment, and why they ended up sleeping on me like this. Then, they got up, leaving without saying anything, and showing no concern over what had happened.

I got up as well, and went in the kitchen to fix breakfast, and feed my cats. As i prepared a bowl of cereal for myself, i suddenly noticed that there was another cat in my apartment, that did not belong to me, when the new cat hungrily jumped into my cereal bowl, and began drinking the milk. This cat was all black, with short hair, and two enlarged nipples on her chest, which i figured meant that she was pregnant.

I picked up the feeding bowls to fill them, and realized that they were filled with cat litter, rather than food, and i was confused as to how this could have happened. I fed the cats, and let the new cat play with my cats, but i became concerned, when i noticed that the strange cat had a patch of hair that was missing, just below its neck, and some sores on its skin. I didn't want my cats to catch any sort of disease from the stray, so i decided to let her outside, and leave a bowl of food and water on the porch for her. As i led her into the hallway, she jumped onto my upper thigh, and i thought that she was attacking me, but i soon realized that she was holding onto me, and didn't want me to make her leave. I assured her that i would feed her and look after her, and continued down the stairs. I noticed that there were broken dolls, and doll parts covering the stairs, and i tripped over one of them, and fell onto the landing below, and into a disgusting mess of Blue Jays, in various states of decomposition. I tried wiping the debris off me, but it only seemed to make it worse.

I walked to the bottom of the stairs, and opened the door to let the cat out, but i could no longer find the cat, and instead, there was a strange, old man standing in its place, and he looked at me and asked me if i was a student at the local art college, and i answered "No", to which he replied, "If you keep listening, you will hear a certain sound, and you will recognize it by its resonance"


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