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I used to have this "art project" on my old blog.

I love to collect snippets of conversation that hold an entire new meaning to me on their own. Here are a few snips of email from The Various. You know who you are, and i know who you are, but no one else will.

I hope to add to these as the words arrive and strike me. Grammatical errors and all. This project isn't about perfection. It's about life.



"There, the dead are not so lost"




"He was kind and peaceful; he was warm and loving. He was full of trust. He was those colors."




"I love you, let's get rich already, okay?"






"It smells really good and it's supposed to cleanse your system, or some hippie shit like that."






"i grow in a pretty little city... calm childhood spillage into one toxic adolescence...my own private idaho...opium...disowned women..."




"A kiss is like a star...........a wise man said that the light from the stars are steady and tranquil::::::but the star themselves are full of dynamics."




"sugar is a myth........like a segment on the history channel"





"i once had a centipede crawl around on my inner thigh inside of my pants"





"beauty is in the heart.... the heart is a willow deep within a garden, celestial....and lost..."





"speak me about what you feel while you paint.... I want to feel you, near."




"I dont know where you live, or who you are and it doesnt matter really. What matters to me is to be in touch with people that have something to say. You're screaming and I like it, because it's sign of life. So, continue to scream!"





"I will come to visit to you in usa, we go around it? like kerouac...
and in the dry nights of some places we spread ourselves on the roof of the machine to watch stars"




"i ate the best oysters there, fresh ones, just caught by the ocean, sold on stands on the street, with lemon. so animal and passionate taste."




"i drink the glue for maintain my heart joined"




"I prefer the storm......when lightning flashes, one opens truth and truth opens the whole, i prefer forgetting myself, i prefer the smallest particle of time, ....once, i prefered the stillness of her breath............."




"my mom once saw a woman creature drag itself around her house like medusa, my older brother once saw a black tornado with red eyes, in the kitchen."




"Some people have pretty words, and some only have bent hands."




"In some ways she has possesed me already. She keeps changing, shape shifting, Looking at me with her soulful eyes, demanding. I keep forming then tearing her apart when she says NO! every time I have to stop work to let her parts cure she stands outside my screen door looking in. I dreamed of her again last night she was beautiful then hideous, loving then angry. It's like she was the soul of every woman I ever knew. I timidly wait for her to say Yes. Then I rip into her tearing off her fingers, her skin and redoing them. She teaches me how to do it right. I love her, I hate her but she does not respond to my emotion. Every thing is about her."




"The ancient sailors experienced what was called "doldrums", when they were caught in an area where the wind sometimes, for months at a time would cease to blow, causing them to consume most or all of their supplies and sometimes, each other."




"I now know that I will never sell her. I will take pictures of her, but then I think I must hide her somewhere. I will let her tell me what to do."




"you become like the september wind that blows without to speak, with desire of being able to take it some leaf that soon will fall, neglects its silent air and vaults."




"many leaves in your garden have fallen. I, son of the autumn, rest berthed to my tree."




"a story of a dream, to be the wind...

...the wind blow vociferously on my terse lips.
to cross distant places, to know them, to cry, to love.
to hide in the forest,
to become part of it, to become part of her"




"His body was spread over a thousand feet. People had called the highway patrol and reported a dead animal in the road. When the sun came up they realized it was a human."




"it looked like i was smuggling a potato across the border in my pants"




"I was awakened at about 2am by a bright light and some one yelling get up! through my front door. It turned out to be a local coon hunter whose truck had quit on him in the pouring rain so I got up and made us some coffee while we waited for his son in law to come get him."




"Remember, after they meet you, people are better."




"this is why i was so sad, seeing your icon.... it is such a beautiful work, but it is so painful to look at that it would even make the stones cry."




"He is just another flower that i will dry and keep it in my book of memories and in my heart."




"I pray for you every day Karina. The problem is that you need someone better than me praying for you"




"a true friend knows your song and will sing it back to you if you ever forget it"




"I'm NOT gay, and even if I were my girlfriend would look more like angelina jolie, not barney rubble."




"two songs... from my blood to your skin"




"So vital is for me the fact to write you...because you can receive my words...
because you belong to this kind of peoples who knows.... who knows how much Art is some sort of vital thing... like breathing..."




"If he is bereft, without, what can he give, until he replenishes? And, that answer lies in where he goes and what he learns out in the world. This remains to be seen, between you two."




"too much creativity is like alcohol"




"I've already many old mirrors... I find them so beautifull and full of histories - strange objects that may contain invisible things..."




"He is in flux between light and darkness...he... embraces his humanity and is repulsed by it at the same time. He is complex and simple...he is a diamond."




"i think you are too nice to be human."




"people take me like a pill"




"its cold outside...i'm like a chimney"




"in my heart are many bridges"




"the anonymous poet is my favorite because he has nothing to lose"



"3 years devoted to someone 1000 miles away... sometimes i even get in the mood to fuck the cobwebs above my monitor."




"it's a really stressful time, full of grief, as leaves of a tree falling so many people I knew...some buried under the collapse of the famous earthquake, others who have chosen to break away from their trees with ropes and guns. I, as a lemon, in the sun of this spring on my tree, have seen flying in the wind... terrible flights in the sun. my light is off and overshadowed today...I want to embrace you, my distant heart, my distant lemon branch."




"I love the duality of things ...its always there...sometimes a gift, sometimes a curse always a lesson"




"if love is a demon than it must be the kind that was super beautiful when it was an angel...the kind that still is worth falling for"




"she is the birthmark of a constellation
beautiful with two eyes
beautiful sleep
and the rose petals miss the snow"




"When one is born everyone around you has a smile,and you are the only one crying.......when one dies,everyone is crying and your the only one with a smile!"




"First you want my Eric. Now you want my doctor. I see how it is!"




"Who knows, maybe in a not too distant future I will live a little in that America that always scared me for its hugeness. I thought of you seeing florist and in the wind in the leaves of Central Park..."




"I decided to walk back to my old middle school which was the last school I attended in that area. It made me very sad remembering my friends from there. I instantly wanted to try and find them and see how they were doing, but I could only remember first names."




"I really enjoyed walking alone in the freezing weather. I passed a drink that had been spilled and frozen in the exact positing it landed in"




" I love looking in attics, every time I see an old house I want to go through the attic. Its like peoples secret and lost item are up there."




"we were writing poems to each other - it was beautiful and romantic too. untill my parents found out and my father has threatend him...they had no idea about anything. But i still keep his poems hidden in a box in Slovenia. They never found it"




"Maybe it could be comparable with an image of a broken mirror- we will remember the very first reflection/image of our face in the mirror, but the reflection, after the mirror broke into pieces is not the same. "




"I walked home from work tonight, it was incredibly windy, I got a blow job from nature. As I walked I listened to the sound of the wind, so beautiful whistling its song in my ears, the different sounds as it forced its way through the branches of a thick pine tree. The sounds of garbage cans sliding across the ground, the wind gave life to inatimate objects.There was a tarp fighting furiously with the wind, there was a light on the other side of the tarp and as the tarp was whipping around in the air it was causing the light to look like a strobe. The wind alone made an entirely new world."




"Well I think he had anger building up the entire time, we could have ended up being one of those family massacres. I kinda believe in karma, hes in really horrible physical shape, so I've heard and I think he deserves it. Maybe there isn't supposed to be a message maybe I supposed to become a certain person and if he had stayed I would be different."



"I'm very judgmental I don't mind being that way, if people don't like me for it doesn't that make them a hypocrite?"



"I always buy lingerie when a relationship begins to fall apart. When i look at all these bras i know how empty my life is."



"I'm not excited for the near or the distant future."




"Love is like trees. A Maple will grow fast but they have a shallow rooting system and high winds will destroy them. Oak & Pecan trees have a deep rooting system and grow slowly. However, they will usually be there after many storms. Ours is like the Oaks."


"Tomorrow I will go to the shore with a girl that I would rather not see except on occasions few and far between. She loves me, she thinks I'm the final piece in her puzzle mostly I cant stand to be around her. I don't want to hurt her feelings, so I'll take the trip anyway. I like the beach and we're gonna go into a glass tunnel that juts out into the sea. She wanted to go there to relax and get away from her troubles, but she's taking her biggest one along for the ride."



"It's like tasting gods balls. So yummy ,but bad for you because of all the sugar.
Southerns eat it, or i should say it's big in the south?
Maybe one day we can taste gods balls together.
I would like that very much."



"Well i do like the look of you human or not. A soft raging calm. How can i not be nice? With a soft raging calm sleeping in your eyes. Pushing our way down the river on a boat made of dirt and hair."



"love me hard and without regret"



"I've got a headache of unknown cause right now. i am blaming humanity."



"Oh, I remember them indeed. You would make a hot Natasha."



"Please Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm beginning to think you have been one of my great earthly loves- albeit one that I have never known.
There have been times I just wanted to throw down everything and walk away from this life and come to you, hoping you would claim me as yours."



"I just hate stupidity and men are so dumb sometimes. They find a rare jewel but don't understand its worth and toss it aside, then pick up the pretty colored rock next to it and treasure it."


"Anyway my love of loves. The love i wish i could have a cup of coffee with and talk about the weather with and dance naked under a full moon sky and sleep for days with... how are you?"



"When I was in high school, I shaved my legs one night. I didn't like being hairier than the other guys. My Mum was upset when she found out. She didn't say it, but she thought it was an early sign of me being gay"


"lets talk about cornbread again... i feel safe there"


"and i miss you till death tells us apart... then i come haunting you, and you are all happy, and we will be even happier when both of us are ghosts"




"I want to forge you a ring. A ring that will stain your finger. Would you marry me? I may not be the marrying type, however, my finger has been stained since i met you"




"And speaking of ethnic minority reactions to weird white people, I seem to frighten Mexicans. Perhaps their culture has a mythical creature I resemble."



"I just put my puppy dog outside for some fresh air and there was this bright flash of light on me, like a camera flash. I didn't see anyone around or hear anything."


"People do terrible things that I'll never understand either... The world had become a very sad place to live in... last night I was thinking  maybe thats why God keeps taking people and pets in my life. Maybe he's taking them to keep them safe "


" I might lay down in the tub and fall a sleep for about an hour or until my whole body is nothing but wrinkles and the brown in my hair has washed out to white."



"...in other news, friday night was possibly the whackiest night ever at work. There was some dumb bitch so fucked up on drugs, and booze that when some old man accidentily bumped her with the sleeve of jacket she wanted to kill him, her boyfriend was so fucked up that he started vomitting and shitting his pants at the same time, and then she passed out on the stairs on the way down to the bath room. They also found a dildo in the lady's bath room in the balcony."


"its perhaps a bit like finding a big black horse out in the wilderness and when you whisper to it you realize it's as insane as you are, so you jump on it and ride headlong into the horizon with its storming skies. i love making people laugh and making their hearts sing but also this side where i just wanna close my eyes and feel fingertips caressing my hands or lips on my eyelids. to sleep. i like being a little boy rather than a man i suppose when being a man would perhaps mean that i looked at that horizon and there was no horse beneath me and resolved it through art... but it doesnt ring true. theres something inherantly wrong with being an adult. people who fucking play golf want to be adults. who fucking plays golf? same kind of people who think Rush are Groovy."




"Just got home from court. I saved my nutjob from jail, again. He mailed a dildo to a mentally ill lady he loves and supposedly she said she would marry him. The judge said he could mail her letters or flowers or chocolate but no more dildos."




"whichever way things happen, we will meet underneath all those stars that gleam for us"




"My fuckin filthy-ass cousins used to have tortoises in their back yard in California. I think they had a shallow pool for them too. Man, their house was a goddamned pig sty."




"i gained 10 kilos from the drugs they give me. what i hate. it doesn't feel like my body any more. i've always had problems with too much body fat on my bones, the more fat, the more skin, the more there is to see and touch and hurt. when i was a child i felt like i was contaminated and would infect others by just touching them."




"Did you see that clip with Jackie? What I cannot figure out is how such a fat lady can make herself so flat on a chair! She looked like road kill in a dressing gown!"




""i'd like to hang smiles from the branches of your dresses"




"Good day to you Wizardress of the wilderness"




"Yeah, this woman was really unpleasant. She didn't make up for her goblin voice and mummy-like appearance with a good personality. It was a real drag working for her."

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