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Anthroid.Net and The Artist X are pleased to announce the launch of its Patron Art Program. This program applies only to Original Artwork displayed on this domain, and not Prints or Reproductions.

Here is how the program works: If you see an Original work of art on this website, and you would like to purchase it but don't have the full amount toward the purchase you may pay on a three month installment program. The first payment would consist of 50% of the purchase price [including Shipping, Delivery Confirmation and Insurance], with two further payments each consisting of 50% of the remaining amount.

For example, if you purchase a work which is priced at $230.00 including Shipping, Delivery Confirmation and Insurance you would make an initial payment of $115.00 and one month later, another payment of $57.50. On the third month you would make a final payment of $57.50 and the work of art will be shipped to you when that final payment is made.

All payments are final and no refunds will be given if you later decide that you no longer want the piece that you have on hold. For more details on payment types accepted and other information about the program please contact Anthroid.net by clicking on the following address:





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